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[Name]: Jack Harkness
[Canon]: Doctor Who/Torchwood
[Age]: about 3,000
[Gender]: Male (possibly a hermaphrodite, given the "never doing that again" comment" in the pilot ep of Torchwood)
[Canon Point]: Just after the events of Torchwood: Miracle Day

[History]: Wikipedia link

[Personality]: Jack is, for all intents, the poster boy (heh!) for the friendly extrovert, an all around people-person with a friendly grin and a quip for almost every person -- broadly defined, since he's no stranger to species utterly alien to 21st century Earth folk -- whom he meets in his travels and adventures. He's roosterish, ever ready for a fight or a flirtation -- or both at the same time. He's a cheery, cheeky sort with a hotfoot sense of humor that can turn bawdy or gleefully morbid at the least appropriate -- or perhaps most appropriate -- times, the kind of guy who dares to say the things on people's minds that they're too embarrassed to say out loud. Despite his cheek, though, he's still able to form close attachments,though given his status as a fixed point in time, these can be painful for him, since he knows he's going to have to say goodbye to his loved ones sooner or later. That doesn't stop him from being a loyal friend and even a father to his teammates (given the way he hangs onto Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones in "The Stolen Earth")

When we first meet him in canon, in the two parter "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances", he's still fairly young and has yet to mature into his familiar heroic self: as a Time Agent turned interplanetary con-artist, he's a bit more slippery, looking out for number one and looking for the next mark he can bamboozle (usually active Time Agents), but not without what word of Russell T. Davies has called "a superficial charm". Once he meets and starts to travel with the Doctor and Rose Tyler, the better side of him starts to come through, and given his hell bent for leather actions defending the people on Satellite Five during a Dalek attack, his heroic side emerges (he might also be enjoying a good scrap, too!).

Long before this, growing up on the Boeshane Peninsula, he enjoyed an idyllic childhood in a close-knit family; he was especially close to his little brother Grey, whom he doted on. When aliens attacked their settlement and Grey was among the many taken captive, he left home to join the Time Agency in order to find them. However, when that failed and the Time Agency took a year of memories from him, he cut ties with them and turned on them (in subtle ways, doing things like selling them space junk that he'd dropped in the middle of a catastrophe, manmade or otherwise, then "whoops, gone!"). However, when he crossed paths with a certain Time Lord known as the Doctor, all that changed...

Due to circumstances on Satellite Five, he got separated from the Doctor and Rose, but his loyalty to them (as well as needing an explanation as to just why he came back from getting exterminated by a Dalek) compelled him to seek them out, wherever they had gone in time and space, and so he headed for the first place he figured he could find the Doctor. When he fell in with a Victorian Torchwood, he joined them initially with the goal of meeting with the Doctor (since their goal was to seek out and intercept the Doctor), but he put this to good use, rising through the ranks over the years and using this to influence Torchwood to become more alien-friendly.

About the time that Gwen Cooper joined Torchwood, in the year 2007, the weight of his duties and the advancing years, through the end of the 1800s, the whole of the 1900s and the beginning of the 2000s had started to pull on him, making him more cynical and less of the cheeky ne'er-do-well that he used to be. However, that changed when he crossed paths again with the Doctor ("Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords"), seeking answers to his semi-immortality, but learning to accept it as best he could. In so doing, he managed to find some of his old self again, allowing him to return to Torchwood with a new lease on his immortal life.

Even still, his habit of coming back from the dead comes as a gift and a curse: it makes it much easier for him to take risks in protecting the Earth from alien troublemakers, since he lacks the consequence of staying dead. But at the same time, it clearly causes him a lot of pain, when he comes gasping back from being dead. Add to this the pain to his heart and soul as he watches his friends, teammates, lovers and at least two wives that we know of in canon all age and fade and die: even his daughter Alice, by the events of "Children of Earth" looks a bit older than he does. It comes as no small wonder that part of him still would be glad to be rid of it.

He gets his chance during the events of "Miracle Day", when the human race suddenly stopped dying and he became mortal again: at first, he's alarmed when a bruise on his ribs and a cut on his arm fail to heal within moments, but he comes to accept it (in one hilarious bit, he's even weirdly pleased to be suffering a bad headache from his first hangover in ages!). He even takes it upon himself to die in order to save the world from the curse he has known, though that ends up reversing the polarity (hah!) and giving him back his immortality.

He's not without a pensive, even brooding side: at times, the things he's done (things like the deal he cut with the aliens known only as "the 456", which eventually lead to the events of "Children of Earth") weigh on his conscience. There are even times when he can barely live with himself, and that may be why, afterward, he left Earth to wander space and time again. He's not without a sense of duty, though: a year (Earth time; Word of Davies says he spent a thousand years wandering) after the 456 incident, he came back to Earth with the intention of wiping the last traces of knowledge of Torchwood from history, but ended up dealing with the strange even known as "the Miracle", where the entire human race simply became unable to die.

[Abilities / Strengths & Weaknesses]: As a "fixed point in time", he's unable to stay dead when killed: generally comes gasping back to life within a few moments, though if he's seriously injured, the revival may take a bit while the injuries heal up. Also, even minor injuries tend to heal very rapidly, and he recovers quickly from most illnesses that he contracts (unless it involves something with a 100% lethal rate -- case in point in "Children of Earth", in which he counts among the dozens of people killed in a virus attack by the aliens known only as the 456 -- in which case, he'll revive from it shortly, once the universe does its thing to reassert him as "a fact"). Despite this, he can't fight any stronger or run any faster than a typical robust guy in his late thirties to early forties; he's trained as a fighter in both hand to hand combat and in weapons use (and as a time traveler, that covers a wide range of weapons from early firearms all the way up to futuristic laser pistols). He's possessed of a glib tongue and a ready wit which (sometimes) get him through a tense situation (though sometimes he's known to get himself *into* one just as easily). Also claims to have "51st century pheromones", which cause him to smell especially nice and seem to increase his popularity among folk.

[Limited Powers]: He'll keep the rapid healing, though it will run at half the speed it usually does (ie. if he's shot, the wound won't close for several minutes, rather than closing up almost right away), but his not staying dead factor will fall in line with the death price in the game universe (ie. he won't come gasping back from the dead moments after getting deaded).

[Other Important Facts]: Folks beware, this guy is an utterly shameless flirt; as long as you're sentient, of legal age, and interested, he will find you attractive and try to chat you up (he's a gentleman, though, the hands won't go anywhere you don't want them.)

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Shiver me timbers! Yo ho ho and a bottle of hypervodka! [Jack says this with a comically growling 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' type pirate accent. He continues in his normal cheery, slightly loud voice, surf audible in the not too distant background, growing fainter, as if he's walking up the shingle of an island.]

I probably should try and keep this down to that cat-like tread that my old friends Gil and Sully wrote about in that pirate opera they penned. I'm about to take a prowl about an island I've landed on; certainly could use some company -- good-natured or otherwise -- to help me cover the place. I'll send the coordinates, if there's any takers. Will share the loot, if there's any to be found and shared.

[Commotion off transmitter, as if someone -- perhaps the Navy? perhaps less than welcoming natives? perhaps other pirates who got there first? -- has caught up with him.]

Whoops, gotta run: I seem to have alerted a not very welcoming welcoming committee. Maybe my infectious heroic charm will sway 'em!



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